Mahakala Elephant Harem Pants

      • The Diety of Attentive focus, Mahakala is a wrathful god who helps us destroy mind chatter and rid ourselves of distractions. He is also known as the main protector of the Dharma.

        There's nothing wrathful about these pants, but you might be needing a bit of Mahakala's help focusing on anything other than these, as once they arrive you won't be able to stop obsessing over them!

        The most comfortable piece of clothing you'll own, these Thai harem pants are hand-stitched in the Land of Smiles from 100% cotton, making them incredibly lightweight and free-flowing. The elasticated waistband and ankles make the Standard size one-size-fits-most, or choose the Large size for a more roomy fit.

        Check out our Sizes & Fitting Guide to see how these pants are going to fit you like a glove!

      • mahakala elephant harem pants bohemian island size guidebohemian island large plus size harem pants size guide
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