Bohemian Island

bohemian-island-featured-in-logo4Welcome to Bohemian Island

Our store is packed full of insanely comfortable 100% cotton Thai Harem pants, shorts, shirts, dresses, and skirts. Please grab yourself a coconut and come on in!

Bohemian Island offers rare and shockingly comfortable bohemian style clothing. Our taste in attire reflects the free-thinking, positive and open-hearted attitude found across Thailand and in its people.Bohemian Island harem yoga pants story

Our unisex harem pants are individually hand-stitched in Thailand from the finest 100% cotton, and they feel incredible to wear (seriously). Excellent for yoga, when down the beach, out on the town, during class or at the office, you'll most probably end up keeping them on throughout the entire day. Dressed up or dressed down, these babies will change the way you think about clothing.

Each sale we make triggers a donation to Soi Dog Foundation, a wonderful charity here in Phuket, Thailand who provide love, medical care and homing assistance to thousands of stray dogs and cats every year ('Soi' means 'street' in Thai). The work they do is inspiring, and we're delighted to be able to support them. To learn more about this please visit our Giving Back page. Together we can #SaveTheSoiDogs!

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