Beige Harem Pants

      • Ooh boring Beige! How dull and unimaginative of us!

        Well they might be slightly plain, but now you can wear the #comfiestpantsontheplanet just about EVERYWHERE! 

        Rock these 100% cotton harem pants at work, to a wedding, a job interview or perhaps even on a first date! Ideal as yoga pants, down the beach or as pregnancy, these bohemian pants are unisex & outrageously comfortable. Wear them high or low waisted and even wear them to bed!

        Also available in plus sizes!

        Check out our Sizes & Fitting Guide to see how these harem pants are going to fit you like a glove!

      • bohemian island harem pantsbohemian island large plus size harem pants size guidePlus size harem pants from Bohemian Island
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