Gautama Elephant Harem Pants

      • Sometimes known as Shakyamuni, or simply 'Buddha', Gautama was the sage upon whose teachings founded Buddhism. He achieved enlightenment following an incredible 6 year period of fasting and meditation.

        Whether you decide to meditate, practice yoga, chill at the beach or just sleep in these comfy Elephant Pants, we're sure you're going to adore them.

        The Standard size fits-most between 0-12 thanks to their comfortable elasticated waistband and ankles, and their 100% cotton material guarantees to redefine what you thought comfort was! The Large size fits US women's 12-20. 

        Check out our Sizes & Fitting Guide to see how these pants are going to fit you like a glove!

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      • gautama elephant harem pants bohemian islandBohemian Island's Harem Pants in size Large

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